They gave him a year last July ’04

Hey Biff/Spoff, whatcha think of Karlos Williams? I loved what I saw from him as a rookie last year, and we could use running back depth. The only real issue that I’m aware of in regards to his release is conditioning. Having just helped Eddie tackle the same problem, and with Lacy around as a positive influence and encouragement, do you think Williams would be worth a shot?.

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Detail of mural by John Wherle at the Richmond Plunge. Ventilation is natural with over 200 operating windows. Overhead radiant heaters warm the people rather than the huge volume of air. Have been stretches this year where he has really pulled me along and pulled us along. I think he understood going in he wasn going to take a back seat by any means; he got a voice on this team as much as anyone. Text > it every night text >Pavelski sports a lower profile than the Sharks two longtime stars, or other big name captains in the league such as Crosby and the Capitals.

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